Search Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of your search, use complete product names, codes or attributes only. For example, seeking products that feature the product attribute yellow by typing yello will not yield good results. Use Boolean logical operators such as AND, OR and AND NOT to refine your search. If searching for a phrase, our system assumes there is an AND operator between each word. For example, searching with the phrase energy star will yield the same results as searching with energy AND star. However, searching with the phrase energy OR star will yield MORE results because the system will show all products that contain the words energy or star within their respective product detail pages. When the phrase energy AND NOT star is searched, the search returns the results that contain energy but not star.

Our product search system searches an index of the product detail pages only, (not cut sheets, category list pages, general information pages, etc.). To maximize relevancy of search results, non-product-specific data is filtered out of the index, (such as the text ads that appear on the pages, etc.). The index is updated daily, but new products will not appear in the search results right away.

If we add a product to our website upon your request, and you want to find it on the GoodMart website immediately, then we suggest you try the database-direct search first:

Simple Database Search:

Tips: Search by complete or partial product name, product code or product description only. Do not use Boolean operators. In general, searching with fewer terms will return more product choices.